Delo Edgar Hansen Northwestern Tear Down

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6 Feb 2014

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Optimizing Your Lubrication Schedule And Wallet

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27 Dec 2012

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oil can“Many people change lubricants according to a schedule, but are uncertain as to whether the schedule is such that they experience optimal performance and therefore optimal spending. How are you supposed to know if you’re experiencing optimal performance and spending, or need to make changes to your lubrication schedule?”

You can start by looking to the equipment builder for lubrication schedule guidelines, and contacting your lubricant supplier for any useful information.

Slidell Oil customers always have the option of having necessary assessments for lubrication schedule analysis done by one of our certified lubrication specialists.

A lubricant’s service life depends largely on its stressing environment. As you can imagine, there are many factors that go into creating these environments, and therefore many many more resulting environments. One standard lubrication schedule cannot possibly be the best fit for every stressing environment.

The types of tests that may be utilized as you attempt to optimize your lubrication schedule are similar to those items on your lubrication’s spec sheet. Tests include, but are not limited to: demulsibility, oxidation stability, corrosion protection, and air release. Tests will need to be run on a select few machines, representative of perceived variations in stressing environment. Be sure to include new lubricant in the samples you will send for testing, as it will be your control in the testing process.

Results of the selected tests will enable assessment of the remaining life of your lubricant, as well as informed changes to your lubrication schedule. You will need to monitor your lubricant carefully if changes are made to your lubrication schedule, as well as include a reasonable margin for safety.

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